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Are you sure you want a wire hair fox terrier?

Fox Terriers have a strong personality and are tough, scrappy and fearless when it comes to other animals, no matter how big or small. They won’t back down if challenged, and they may start much of the ruckus themselves!  In groups of two or more, than can easily corner and terrorize larger prey (just ask our 100lb coonhound!)  They have a high prey drive and are extremely fast- both in speed and reflex.  When you combine the reflexes with the speed, any creatures that run won’t get far.  A family with a foxie must give it room to run and lots of exercise.  They are EXTREMELY intelligent (often to a fault), but are also very trainable for the strong pack leader.  A bored foxie is a destructive one- so staying active and being close (read in your lap!) are great ways of managing your WHFT.

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